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January 9, 2012

girls bkball dribble2

RSNsports.com Week Six Stack.

NOTE: RSN Sports stack and stories are now being posted at our new site at RSNsports.com
Please use the new site for future reference.

WV Girls Prep Basketball
2011-12 Stack

WV Girls Prep Basketball
2011-12 Stack

Week 6 -- January 9, 2012

Class AAA

.What RSN Sports is tracking -- Wheeling Park succumbed to rival Shadyside, OH in a narrow loss that dropped them from the top spot to number four. That sets the stage for South Charleston (7-0 & #1) vs. Greenbrier East (9-0, #2) to play in South Charleston this week.
Princeton remained undefeated and continues the climb up the stack. Pretenders? Maybe, but it's worthy of a Oscar performance for now.
#5 Morgantown (8-1), #6 Bridgeport (9-1) and #7 University (7-2) continue to move back in on the top spots after early losses.
Key contests this week:
#2 Greenbrier East (9-0) @ #1 South Charleston (7-0)
#3 Princeton (9-0) @ George Washington (7-3)
#3 Princeton (9-0) @ #10 Spring Valley (8-3)
#4 Wheeling Park (11-1) @ #5 Morgantown (8-1)
A #1 Wheeling Central (10-2) @ #4 Wheeling Park (11-1)
#6 Bridgeport (9-1) @ AA #4 Lincoln (8-1)

1. South Charleston__________7-0____W7_____(2)
2. Greenbrier East___________9-0____W9_____(3)
3. Princeton________________9-0____W9_____(4)
4. Wheeling Park___________11-1____W1_____(1)
5. Morgantown_____________8-1_____W5____ (6)
6. Bridgeport_______________9-1_____W5_____(7)
7. University_______________7-2_____W2____(NR)
8. Fairmont Senior__________9-1______L1____(5)
9. Woodrow Wilson_________7-2_____W2_____(8)
10. Spring Valley____________8-3______L1_____(9)

Others receiving votes: George Washington (7-3, L1), Hedgesville (6-3, W3), John Marshall (6-4, W1), Hurricane (6-3, L2), Parkersburg South (6-4, L1), Hampshire (6-3, L1), Huntington (5-4, L2),

Class AA

What RSN Sports is tracking- Westside (8-0) has worked its way up the stack into the number four spot. However none of the Warrior wins are against current ranked opponents. Lincoln has a chance to make some impressions when the entertain AAA power Bridgeport this week.
Braxton County continues to surge and moves into the top five.
Clay County (7-3) and Chapmanville (6-3) move into the top ten with short streaks of their own.
Scott remains #2 but has a crucial week with a contest at #9 Tolsia (7-2), home with #7 Chapmanville (6-3) before hosting #1 Summers County (8-0) on Saturday.

Key contests this week:
#1 Summers County (8-0) @ #2 Scott (7-0)
AAA #6 Bridgeport (9-1) @ #4 Lincoln (8-1)
#3 Westside (8-0) @ Wyoming East (6-4)

1. Summers County_________8-0____W8____(1)
2. Scott___________________7-0____W7____(2)
3. Westside________________8-0____W8____(5)
4. Lincoln_________________8-1____L1____(3)
5. Braxton County__________8-2____W5____(7)
6. Oak Glen_______________8-2_____W4____(6)
7. Chapmanville____________6-3____W3____ (NR)
8. Clay County_____________7-3____W4___(NR)
9. Tolsia__________________7-2_____L1___(4)
10. Keyser_________________6-3_____L1____(10)

Others receiving votes: Herbert Hoover (6-3, L1), Ravenswood (7-4, W1), Wyoming East (6-4, L1), Greenbrier West (5-3, W2), Mount View (4-2, W1).

Class A

What RSN is tracking -- Trinity remains undefeated and should stay that way until they face #6 Clay-Battelle (9-1) January 19.
Huntington St. Joe tangles with a couple of good West Virginia teams this week and should give us some feedback on just how good the Irish are in the Mountain State.

Key contests this week:
#1 Wheeling Central (10-2) @ AAA #4 Wheeling Park (11-1)
#9 Buffalo (7-3) @ #3 Huntington St. Joe (5-4)
#4 Saint Marys (9-2) @ AA Ravenswood (7-4)
Tygarts Valley (6-2) @ #8 Pocahontas County (10-3)

1. Wheeling Central________10-2____W7_____(1)
2. Willamstown___________9-1_____W7____(2)
3. Huntington St. Joe_______5-4_____L1____(4)
4. Saint Marys____________9-2_____W3____(3)
5. Trinity________________9-0_____W9_____(8)
6. Clay-Battelle___________9-1_____W2____(5)
7. Weirton Madonna_______9-2_____W3____(NR)
8. Pocahontas County_____10-3_____W6____(NR)
9. Buffalo_______________7-3_____W3____(10)
10. Gilmer County_________8-2______L1_____(6)

Others receiving votes: Fayetteville (6-1, L1), Tygarts Valley (6-2, W3), Parkersburg Catholic (8-3, L1), Meadow Bridge (7-2, W1), Tucker County (6-4, L1), Man (6-3, W1).

WVRSN.com Prep Girls Basketball Stack

Stack #1 - Preseason
November 22, 2011

Class AAA


1. North Marion
2. South Charleston
3. George Washington
4. Bridgeport
5. Greenbrier East
6. University
7. Wheeling Park
8. Huntington
9. Martinsburg
10. Princeton

Others receiving votes: Parkersburg, John Marshall, Fairmont Senior, Nicholas County, Saint Albans, R.C. Byrd.

Class AA

1. Summers County
2. Scott
3. Berkeley Springs
4. Braxton County
5. Chapmanville
6. Frankfort
7. Ravenswood
8. Lincoln
9. Oak Glen
10. Mingo Central

Others receiving votes: Westside, Tolsia, James Monroe, Weir, Clay County, Riverview, Poca.

Class A

1. Huntington St. Joe
2. Saint Marys
3. Buffalo
4. Charleston Catholic
5. Parkersburg Catholic
6. Wheeling Central
7. Pocahontas County
8. Tucker County
9. Williamstown
10. Weirton Madonna

Others receiving votes: Cameron, Greater Beckley Christian, Tygarts Valley, Clarksburg Notre Dame, Valley Wetzel, Trinity.

RSNsports.com high school stacks are tabulated utilizing results reported to the network via the Wesbanco Scoreboard on the homepage. Input from multimedia and coach submissions are calculated into the final results. All user poll submissions must be sent to editor@rsnsports.com by 4PM Sundays to be included in the tabulations.

WV High School Girls Basketball Scores

December 1, 2011

Class AAA

Hurricane 71
Parkersburg 66

Riverside 64
Valley Fayette 38

Wheeling Park 71
Steubenville, OH 57

River View 58
Van 23

Class AA

Belfry, KY 42
Mingo Central 37

Ritchie County 61
Calhoun County 25

Wyoming East 49
Hurley, VA 34

Class A

Liberty Harrison 42
Greater Beckley Christian 15

Linsly 59
Cameron 23

WVRSN.com Prep Girls Basketball Polls

Preseason 2010-11

Class AAA

1. North Marion
2. South Charleston
3. Huntington
4. Martinsburg
5. George Washington
6. Greenbrier East
7. Bridgeport
8. University
9. Wheeling Park
10. Woodrow Wilson

Others receiving votes: Parkersburg South; Morgantown; Parkersburg; Princeton; Cabell Midland.

Class AA

1. Summers County
2. Scott
3. Westside
4. Berkeley Springs
5. Oak Glen
6. Tolsia
7. Ravenswood
8. Sissonville
9. Liberty Harrison
10. Ritchie County

Others receiving votes: Wayne; Roane County; Weir; James Monroe; Bluefield.

Class A

1. Huntington St. Joe
2. Wheeling Central
3. Tucker County
4. Saint Marys
5. Williamstown
6. Pocahontas County
7. Meadow Bridge
8. Parkersburg Catholic < br> 9. Man
10. Charleston Catholic

Others receiving votes: Trinity; Buffalo; Gilbert.

WVRSN.com high school stacks are tabulated utilizing results reported to the network via the Wesbanco Scoreboard on the homepage. Input from mulitimedia and coach submissions are calculated into the final results. All user poll submissions must be sent to editor@wvrsn.com by 4PM Sundays to be included in the tabulations.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Former Winfield High girls basketball and volleyball coach Paul Sutherland has been named the head volleyball and women's basketball coach at Garrett Community College.

"It's going to be a lot of work," said Sutherland, who was named coach of the Lakers on Tuesday. "But I'm excited."

The school has about 900 students and is located 40 miles east of Morgantown in McHenry, Md.

Sutherland coached the Generals from 2000-08, posting a 159-43 record, which included Class AA state championships in 2004 and 2006, before losing his job to a teacher.

He later filed a lawsuit over the constitutionality of the state law allowing teachers to bump non-teachers from public school coaching. The suit is pending.

Sutherland also coached the Winfield volleyball team from 1999 and into the 2008 season, guiding the Generals to six state tournaments and the 2006 championship.

"I think it helped me that I've coached both sports and been successful," said Sutherland, who was among 100 applicants for the position. "They seem to really be making a commitment to their athletic program. And it's in a beautiful area, a resort town area."

Garrett recently hired an athletic director, Shawn Noel, who took over July 6.

The school plans to open an aquatics center this fall and, within the next two years, a new basketball arena with three courts and a seating capacity of 2,500 will be unveiled.

In addition to women's basketball and volleyball, the two-year school sponsors athletic teams in golf, baseball, softball, and men's basketball.

WESBANCO SCOREBOARD Girls basketball Class A all-state teams

March 22, 2010 Girls basketball Class A all-state teams Class A all-state list

The West Virginia girls Class A all-state basketball team released by the West Virginia Sports Writers Association:


Kelsea Fickiesen, St. Marys, 5-8, jr., (capt.)

Sara Sang, St. Joseph, 6-0, jr.

Dusti Chapman, St. Joseph, 5-3, sr.

Maggie Boelter, Parkersburg Catholic, 5-5, sr.

Liz Flowers, Williamstown, 5-7, soph.

Sara O'Neal, St. Marys, 5-10, sr.

Hayden Giuliani, Trinity, 5-6, jr.

Crystal Lester, Gilbert, 5-9, sr.


Chloe Bland, Pocahontas County, 5-8, soph., (capt.)

Lacy Hampton, Bishop Donahue, 6-0, sr.

Capen Evans, Charleston Catholic, 5-10, sr.

Hannah Boyer, Buffalo, 5-9, soph.

Brooke Keeton, St. Joseph, 6-3, sr.

Courtney Ferguson, Parkersburg Catholic, 5-9, sr.

Caroline Bennett, Tucker County, 5-5, sr.

Samantha Bailey, Doddridge County, 6-2, sr.


Kiki Smith, St. Joseph, 5-7, sr., (capt.)

Ashley Gibson, Iaeger, 5-3, sr.

Laura Ward, Greater Beckley Christian, 5-6, jr.

Shelby Snead, Pocahontas County, 5-4, jr.

Audra Hull, Tucker County, 5-7, jr.

Shila Allman, Williamstown, 5-10, jr.

Ashley Casino, Clay-Battelle, 5-8, jr.

Tara Hanson, Trinity, 5-6, fr.

Honorable Mention

Harley Abbott, Valley Wetzel;
Molly Angotti, Notre Dame; Isabelle Anile, Madonna;
Montanta Armentrout, Harman;
Ginger Beatty, Pendleton County;
Alli Bertozzi, Paden City;
Keasha Browning, Gilbert;
Danielle Butcher, Gilbert; Sara Carpenter, Bishop Donahue;
Savannah Church, Calhoun;
Audra Clark, St. Marys;
Caitlin Creighton, Wheeling Central;
Nikki Cutright, Tygarts Valley;
Amber Evans, Tucker County;
Jessica Fields, Williamson;
Rachel Fisher, Cameron;
Jordyn Gorby, Hundred;
Chrandra Harrah, Meadow Bridge;
Ally Hoyer, Charletson Catholic;
Hattie Hutson, Doddridge County;
Hillary Jones, Clay-Battelle;
Molly Kurtz, Wheeling Central;
Maggie Lilly, Gilmer County;
Sara Lyons, Madonna;
Caitlin Maxwell, Tucker County;
Alex McAtee, South Harrison;
Courtney McCauley, Tygarts Valley;
Miranda McNabb, Pocahontas County;
Bethany Murphy, Fayetteville;
Jenna Noice, Bishop Donahue;
Jen Nogay, Madonna;
Alexis Payne, Valley Fayette;
Madison Postlewaite, Williamstown;
Dani Renner, St. Marys;
Kim Smith, Burch;
Cassie Sorge, Wheeling Central;
Mariah Stacy, Man;
Rachel Waibogha, Trinity Christian;
Meg Whelan, Charleston Catholic;
Leanne Watson, Clay-Battelle;
Shelby Wood, Cameron.

March 13, 2010

Girls prep basketball state tournament roundup The Associated Press


Class AA

Scott 49, Tolsia 45

CHARLESTON (AP)  Makenzie White scored 19 points and Scott withstood a furious comeback from Tolsia for a 49-45 win in the girls Class AA semifinals Friday.

Second-seeded Scott (22-4) advanced to today's championship game for the first time in school history.

The Skyhawks never trailed, jumping ahead 14-2 after the first quarter and leading by 16 midway through the second.

Kara Pollinger led the Rebels with 12 points and six steals.

Brittani Adkins had 14 rebounds for Scott.

Class AAA

North Marion 61, Huntington 50

CHARLESTON (AP)  Hailey Garrett scored 16 points to lead top-seeded North Marion over No. 4 Huntington in the girls Class AAA semifinals.

The Huskies (23-1) prevailed again in a rematch of last year's championship game won by North Marion on a last-second shot. Huntington had lost in the championship game the past three seasons.

This time against Huntington, North Marion took control in the second half.

Garrett scored eight points during a 10-2 run to finish the third quarter as North Marion started pulling away. Kaitlyn Antolock's layup gave the Huskies a 44-35 lead with 26 seconds left in the period. The lead grew to as many as 15 points in the fourth quarter.

Talequia Hamilton led Huntington (18-5) with 15 points and 16 rebounds and Erin Bailes scored 15.

South Charleston 60, Parkersburg South 50

CHARLESTON (AP)  Keke Allen scored nine of her 15 points in the first quarter and South Charleston cruised past Parkersburg South.

Third-seeded Parkersburg South (20-4) attempted just five shots in the first quarter and had eight turnovers. South Charleston took full advantage and led 22-7 after the period. The Black Eagles' lead never fell below double digits after that.

Allen also had 10 rebounds and four steals. South Charleston's Brittany Gordon added 12 points and Sissy Wagner scored 11.

Parkersburg South's Jessie Moore had 17 points and 12 rebounds while Asia Greenleaf had 15 points and 11 rebounds.

Class A

St. Marys 63, Tucker County 36

CHARLESTON (AP)  Sara O'Neal scored 10 of her 14 points in the first half and St. Marys used a big second quarter to beat Tucker County in the girls Class A semifinals.

Second-seeded St. Marys (24-1) will play today for its first championship since 1990, when it won its third Class AA title in six years.

Audra Clark had 12 points and 10 rebounds for St. Marys. Kelsea Fickiesen added 11 points and 10 assists and Ali Johnson scored 10.

Amber Evans led Tucker County with 13 points. Tucker's Audra Hull, who scored 21 points in a quarterfinal win over Trinity, was held to eight points on 2 of 12 shooting.

St. Joseph 47, Charleston Catholic 36

CHARLESTON (AP)  Sara Sang had 19 points and 14 rebounds and defending champion St. Joseph took charge after halftime to beat Charleston Catholic.

Brooke Keeton added 12 points for top-seeded St. Joseph (21-5), which reached the championship game for the third straight year. It beat Charleston Catholic a year ago and lost to Wheeling Central in 2008.

Victoria Thomas had 10 points for Charleston Catholic, which committed 20 turnovers.

Posted: Friday, Feb 26th, 2010 BY: Brian Moore/ Statesman Sports Editor

FLATWOODS -- The Grafton Lady Bearcats tumbled to the home-standing Lady Eagles of Braxton County High School, 49-30, here Monday night during a Class AA, Region II, Section Two Play-Off Game, finishing their 2009-2010 girls' basketball season with a 4-14 record in the process.

The Lady Eagles opened the contest with a 10-0 scoring spree, as five different players tossed in two points apiece, before Devin Pryor came off the Grafton bench to place the Lady Bearcats on the scoreboard with 2:23 left to play in the first quarter.

Braxton County reestablished its 10-point lead, at 14-4, on a running one-hander by Hunter Sodaro with just a few seconds left to play in the opening period.

Grafton used a six-to-two mini-run at the beginning of the second quarter to slice its deficit down to six points, at 16-10, with 5:20 remaining of the third-quarter clock.

That effort included a Lindsey Pryor eight-footer, a drive into the paint by Kari Fawcett, and a Lindsay Moore 12 footer, to offset a pair of free throws by Cori Phillips for the hostesses.

However, Braxton County answered with the remaining five points of the period to take a 21-10 lead into the half-time intermission.

The Lady Bearcats went on a five-to-two mini-run to get the third-quarter action underway.

A Moore free throw, and a bucket apiece from Alyssa Custer and Devin Pryor allowed the visitors to create a 23-15 score by the 6:14 mark of the period.

This time, the Lady Eagles answered with a six-zero scoring spree for a 14-point lead, at 29-15, with 5:14 left to play in the third quarter.

From there, Braxton County went on to take a 17-point lead, of 39-22, into the final eight-minute segment of the contest.

Devin Pryor and Marissa Thorn tossed in four points apiece during the fourth quarter for the Lady Bearcats, while the Lady Eagles were adding a 10-8 advantage to the scoreboard.

Devin Pryor wound up with a team-high total of eight points to go along with her four rebounds, three steals and two assists, and Moore chipped in with six points, three rebounds and three steals to pace the Lady Bearcats.

Custer (with a steal, a blocked shot and a team-high total of six rebounds) and Thorn (with two steals) wound up with four points apiece for Grafton, while the quartet of Fawcett (two rebounds, three steals and three assists), Molly Summers (with two rebounds), Lindsey Pryor (with four rebounds, one steal and two assists) and Caleigh Croston (with two rebounds and two blocked shots) added two points apiece for Coach Tom Spadafore's squad.

Plus, Caitlin Crutchfield was credited with two rebounds, two steals and two assists, but did not score on this night.

Grafton enjoyed a plus-five, 17-22, advantage in the turnover column, mainly do to its team total of 15 steals during this contest.

Phillips topped Braxton County's scoring column with 16 points, and she also collected 10 rebounds to wind up with a double double-figures performance.

Led by Phillips, the home team out-rebounded Grafton by a 54-25 margin on the night.

Sodaro (eight), the duo of Taylor Bragg and Ann Golinsky (six apiece), Montana Flint (five), and the quartet of Courtney Johnson, Brandy Miller, Michelle Cottrill and Bailey Stewart (two each) were also furnishing points for the Braxton County victory.

Both Phillips and Bragg were credited with four assists apiece, and Phillips registered a team-high total of three steals for the Lady Eagles.

Coach Spadafore allowed his five seniors -- Crutchfield, Moore, Summers, Custer and Lindsey Pryor -- to run the floor together during the final one minute and 48 seconds of their respective Grafton High School Girls' Basketball careers.

Thursday January 7, 2010

Charleston Daily Mail

Top basketball players, progams, coaches of the decade

Whitney Bayes, Huntington

Jacqueline Brewer, Martinsburg

Jolysa Brown, Summers County

Katie Cloxton, Winfield

Brittany Cook, Mercer Christian

Brittany Holestine, George Washington

Alexis Hornbuckle,

Capital-South Charleston

Mackenzie Maier,

Charleston Catholic

Renee Montgomery,

Capital-South Charleston

Keri Pryor, Morgantown

Ashley Reed, Fairmont Senior

Jessica Sell, North Marion

Missy Spangler, Ritchie County

Jill Stephens, Parkersburg South

Sarah Tokodi, Parkersburg Catholic

Megan Withrow, Nitro

Player of the Decade

Alexis Hornbuckle,

Capital-South Charleston

Programs of the Decade

Huntington (AAA)

Summers County (AA)

Parkersburg Catholic (A)

Coach of the Decade

Wayne Ryan, Summers County

December 29, 2009

GWHS Patriot girls carry state banner in NC

The George Washington High girls basketball team is attempting to "Cary" the reputation of West Virginia talent level on it's back this last week of 2009. The young Patriot team is currently playing in the Mission Sports Holliday Basketball Invitational at Cary Academy in Cary, North Carolina about 25 miles east of Charlotte.

The invitational includes 8 girls teams and guarantees 3 games to participants. GW did live up to the challenge in it's first game on Monday defeating Durham Academy 52-31 to move to 5-0 on the season behind the combined effort of Alexis Peoples and Kiara Tyler's 11 points each. Nationally recruited Dri Nazario was held to 8 points but fellow point guard Allexis Tunstalle dropped in 10 for the Patriots.

"It was a good first game for us," stated head coach Jamie Lamaster. "The level of basketball here is something totally different than in West Virginia. Five of the eight teams in the invitational are private academies similar to what Mountain State had with the boys last year at home. The other three teams are strong public schools."

GW will now face an undefeated (9-0) Western Harriett High Tuesday evening in the main arena. A win against Western Harriett would definitely turn heads at the tournament in favor of West Virginia basketball. "Can we beat'em? Sure we can. We have a lot of talent on this team but we're going to have to play whistle to buzzer. We'll also have to have more help from our usual scorers as we play tougher defense" stated the GW coach.

Western has on scorer averaging 28 ppg who has a sister playing at UNC. LaMaster pointed out, "We have to slow their big scorer down and not allow the others to beat us. We'll also look at mixing up our defenses a bit. The first team we played yesterday, Durham Academy, would compare to a mid-level AAA in West Virginia. Western Harriett, however, will be a championship level challenge."

George Washington will also play a game on Wednesday morning before returning to the Mountain State. Regardless of the results of the final two contests coach LaMaster feels the experience is invaluable to his team. "We're getting travel tourney experience against upper tier competition. I've tried to schedule more of these types of situations for these kids this season. They're not intimidated" the coach pointed out.

The Patriot girls are also enjoying themselves on the trip as they are being put up at a Hilton Hotel. The team also traveled to watch the Duke University girls team play in Cameron Indoor Arena Monday night. "What a great experience. My kids have traveled well and haven't had any problems other than the trip down took seven hours due to Christmas traffic on the interstates around Charlotte. These facilities are immaculate and we're being treated very well" LaMaster commented.

Coach Jamie LaMaster also ended with, "We haven't had much feedback on our team yet from others at the invitational but IF we when tonight against a 9-0 Western Harriett I'm sure we'll turn some heads both here and at home. We hope we can represent West Virginia well."

Tuesday 12/29/09 - George Washington 60, Western Harriett 37. Patriots advance to Tourney finals.

Wednesday 12/30/09 update:
George Washington falls in overtime 55-51 to South Durham Academy.
Dri Nazario dropped 21 on the hosts before fouling out of the contest along with teammates Allixis Tunstalle and Alexis Peoples. 49 personal fouls were called in the contest as 3 of 5 starters fouled out for George Washington.

GW coach Jamie LaMaster commented, "I don't believe they did us any favors for sure. However it was a great experience for our team."

The Lady Patriots may have got a sense of what it's like to be the Nationals. Remember the Nationals? The team that travels with the Harlem Globetrotters. The Nationals are not expected to win. It's the Globetrotters show everyone knows.

Viewers can follow the Invitational at the tourney website at: http://web1.caryacademy.org/athletics/basketball/BBholidayinvitational//default.htm

By The Associated Press Girls Class A all-state team

HUNTINGTON - The Class A all-state basketball team released by the West Virginia Sports Writers Association:

First Team

Jill Pulley, St. Joseph, sr, (capt.) 5-9, 12 points per game, 6 assists per game.

Dusti Chapman, St. Joseph, jr, 5-3, 10 ppg., 5 apg.

Kelsea Fickiesen, St. Marys, 5-8, soph, 22.6 ppg., 9 rpg.

Amber Tully, Wahama, 5-8, sr, 24.7 ppg., 7.3 rpg.; 87 3ptrs.

Liz Flowers, Williamstown, 5-6, fr, 21.2 ppg., 4 apg.

Cayla Rhodes, Fayetteville, sr, 6-1, 20 ppg., 16.8 rpg.

Maggie Boelter, Parkersburg Catholic, jr, 5-5, 17.1 ppg., 4.1 apg.

Chelsey Gum, Pocahontas County, sr, 5-10, 12.5 ppg., 6.3 rpg.

Second team

Catherine Butcher, Gilmer County, sr, (capt.), 5-8, 18.3 ppg.

Sara Sang, St. Joseph, soph, 6-0, 12 ppg., 10 rpg.

Lyndsey Nestor, Tucker County, sr, 5-6, 17 ppg.

Angela Carbaugh, Greater Beckley Christian, sr, 5-5, 12.5 ppg., 6.5 apg.

Crystal Lester, Gilbert, jr, 5-7, 16.9 ppg., 9.1 rpg.

Maria Femia, Charleston Catholic, sr, 5-5, 10.7 ppg., 4 apg.

Alexa Yurisko, Bishop Donahue, 5-5, sr, 19 ppg., 6 apg.

Stephanie Nickell, Fayetteville, 5-2, sr, 15.4 ppg., 5.3 apg.

Third team

Hayden Guliani, Trinity, soph, (capt.), 5-6, 15 ppg., 7 apg.

Ally Bertozzi, Paden City, jr, 5-11, 15 ppg., 16 rpg.

Molly Look, East Hardy, sr, 5-11, 16.5 pp., 5 apg.

Anna Hebb, Tucker County, sr, 5-8, 14.5 ppg., 11.2 rpg.

Samantha Kelly, Wirt, sr, 5-8, 15.3 ppg., 7.8 rpg.

Sara O'Neal, St. Mary's, jr, 5-10, 11.9 ppg., 12.7 rpg.

Capen Evans, Charleston Catholic, jr, 5-10, 10 ppg., 9 rpg.

Courtney Ferguson, Parkersburg Catholic, jr, 5-9, 15.3 ppg., 10.6 rpg.

Honorable Mention

Laura Ward, Greater Beckley Christian
Madeline Jerome, Pocahontas County;
Brittany Jones, Union
Janae Hicks, Buffalo
Kyle Pugh, Parkersburg Catholic
Ciara Riggleman, Tygarts Valley
Kelly Forren, Meadow Bridge
Krislyn Bogart, Montcalm
Emily Biller, East Hardy
Jessie Fox, Tygarts Valley
Kristen Jarrell, Van
Stephanie Sang, Huntington St. Joe
Danielle McClanahan, Iaeger
Caitlyn Berry, St. Marys
Ally Hoyer, Charleston Catholic
Kayla Pennington, Montcalm
Amanda Young, Buffalo
Megan Ellison, Wirt County
Kaci Slone, Burch
Paige Hacker, Richwood
Montana Armentrout, Harman
Chelsi Wade, Clay-Battelle
Shelby Snead, Pocahontas County
Shaylyn Ash, Doddridge County
Allison Syner, Midland Trail
Cindy Hillberry, Mount Hope

Kirstin Brown, Gilbert
Shila Allman, Williamstown
Kristy Madron, Pocahontas County
Kiki Smith, Huntington St. Joe
Kendra Rhodes, Moorefield
Loren Holliday, Paw Paw
Mallorie Keffer, Man
Tara Havens, Montcalm
Megan Dotson, Doddridge County
Ashley Gibson, Iaeger
Tanyetta Bragg, Meadow Bridge
Brittany Herdman, Buffalo
Spencer Sigley, Clay-Battelle
Erica Hatfield, Williamson
Megan Thomas, Gilbert
Emily Beck, East Hardy
Nikki Cutright, Tygarts Valley
Brooke Smith, Williamstown

Information from: The Herald-Dispatch, http://www.herald-dispatch.com

Program First At Summers County

March 12 2009 By Dan Stillwell - Beckley Register Herald

Summers County isn't the only girls basketball team in the state whose players compete in summer league or AAU travel ball.

Other teams  a few, anyway  have long, involved practices like the Bobcats.

But few get the rewards from all the hard work as Summers, which will bring a sparkling 25-0 record into their Class AA first-round state tournament game with Oak Glen at 5:30 p.m. today at the Charleston Civic Center.

It's all about the program.

"There are a lot of individuals who play the AAU circuit and work on becoming good, but we don't sell it that way," said coach Wayne Ryan. "We sell it as what you have to do for our team and program to become good."

And the program ranks with any in the state, year-after-year, on any level.

The Bobcats are making their fifth consecutive trip to states and going for their third championship in an many seasons. They were runner-up in 2006.

Summers also won the 2000 title under Ryan and has captured 11 regional championships.

"To be good at something on a consistent basis, it takes a lot of commitment and dedication," Ryan said. "We've been fortunate to have kids who are committed."

Summers has had numerous standouts over the years, including 2008 player of the year Jolysa Brown (now at Concord University) and 2009 player of the year runner-up Emily Blevins.

But the team concept comes first.

"In this day and age, there are more good individual players than there used to be, but not as many good teams," Ryan said.

The Bobcats have an eight-player rotation capable of scoring in double figures and at least two other reliable backups.

Blevins, a 6-foot-1 senior who plays all five positions, and 5-10 sophomore guard Hallie Gunnoe are the leading scorers. Blevins averages 18 points a game and Gunnoe 17.

Both could average more. Blevins dishes out four assists in addition to nine rebounds and three steals. Gunnoe's stats include five assists, five steals and five boards.

Junior point guard Ashley Brown, a three-year starter, averages 10 points, six assists and three steals. Sophomore wing Leslie Mack makes 69 percent of her shots  46 percent from beyond the 3-point line  and averages 16 points.

Senior Lauren Estes and sophomore Hanna Gunnoe, both 5-11 centers, average eight points and seven rebounds apiece. Another senior, 6-footer Kim Cox, chips in four points and four rebounds along with shot-blocking ability.

Freshman Candace Brown can play most positions and is a star of the future. She averages seven points and four steals.

Sophomore forward Kelsey Lively and junior guard Morgan Gore come up from the JV to give quality minutes when needed.

"We're blessed to have the amount of talent we have," Ryan said. "But talent without character can be disastrous. Our kids have great character.

"They have a comfort zone with each other. They know if they have an off-night, somebody else has their back. They don't have to feel a lot of pressure. We' find a way to get it done."

Summers broke the 100-point barrier five times, including a 104-67 effort against Bluefield in the Region 3, Section 2 final.

The Bobcats were really tested just twice, in a 96-92 overtime win over Princeton Jan. 17 and a 71-69 decision over Woodrow Wilson Feb. 19. Both Class AAA teams advanced to the state tournament.

Sissonville, No. 2 all season in the AP Class AA poll, proved little competition, falling 63-33.

"Sometimes this team has been impressive, almost clinical," Ryan said. "I've said I would almost like to remove myself and go up in the bleachers and watch them play."

Three teams now stand between Summers and a perfect season. The first, No. 8 Oak Glen (14-11) defeated Tyler Consolidated (67-40), Weir (47-44) and Roane County (45-40) to reach states.

Should Summers win, it would meet either Shady Spring or Ravenswood in Friday's 7:15 p.m. semifinals. The AA championship game  conceivably a possible rematch with Sissonville  is at 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

"This team has a chance to write a very special legacy," Ryan said. "If we finish the mission, it's certainly a team for the record books and one to be very proud of."

Also today, Class AAA No. 5 Princeton takes on No. 4 Martinsburg at 11:15 a.m. and AA No. 5 Shady Spring faces No. 4 Ravenswood at 9 p.m.

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